Do you really need a chatbot?

A chatbot isn’t the instant quick-win that many businesses assume it to be. And the initial cost and effort of implementing a (value-added) bot into your customer service offering is often underestimated.

Realistically speaking, you only need a chatbot if your business sits in a service-heavy industry. (I.e. financial services, retail, travel, telecom, etc.)

And, even then, you still only need a chatbot if your company is large enough to have a contact centre operation or a customer support help desk. That is, if you field large volumes of inbound customer emails, chats, tickets, calls, or webform queries per day.

If you’re a one-man-band, or an agency with a few select customers, it’s unlikely that a bot deployment will pay off.

And this is due to the work and cost of a successful, integrated and well-managed chatbot deployment.


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